At its core, Advotocracy helps you build alliances with the kinds of people you need to protect and enhance your image and reputation, and ultimately build your brand.

We change conversations by telling the kinds of authentic stories that will ultimately humanize you and encourage detractors to let down their guard and listen to your point of view.

Key strengths:

  • Media Relations
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Social Media and Digital Content Creation
  • Executive Communications | Thought Leadership | Coaching
  • Automotive Product PR
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Message Development
  • Presentation Skills Training


That’s a pretty broad topic. That’s why Advotocracy looks at storytelling from all angles. We’ll help you mine and discover your news nuggets and compelling messages. We’ll clearly define your audiences. We’ll figure out who they trust and where they go to get their information. Then we’ll plan the right approach to make sure your story is told with the right kind of compelling content.


Relationships are important. Building collaborative partnerships with the right key players will certainly bring considerable benefits to your organization or project. Conversely, relationships with stakeholders of high influence and high interest that aren’t properly cultivated and managed generate considerable risk. That’s why Advotocracies are built. They make sure you have the right advocates speaking on your behalf.

Executive Communications | Thought Leadership

We build executive communications and thought leadership strategies to grow personal and corporate brands, improve reputation, and support key business-development activities. We’ll help you define your passion, your personal vision and use it to strategically engage others in a conversation, and change the way people think about you, your organization, your cause, or your industry. 


If you’re an agency looking to land an automotive account, we have the experience and perspective that will help you know the business, talk the language and know what’s on the horizon. If you are an automaker or supplier, we know your business and all about the kinds of technologies that are disrupting your industry – everything from electrification, driverless cars and the shared economy, connectivity, and more. And if you just need help planning a ride and drive, working with press associations, creating compelling content, and putting the right butts in seats, we have been there and are ready to help you keep doing it.

Sustainability | Clean Tech

We know electric cars. We were there alongside the EV1 when it was announced and when it “left the building.” We helped launch and build fans for the Chevy Volt, and several other cars that came with a plug. Heck, we even did our best to help build a Hydrogen Highway and put millions of miles on a fleet of fuel cell demonstration vehicles. Along the way, we built a unique expertise to talk about these clean cars from every angle to every constituent. And we learned how to manage global energy, environment and sustainability issues for the world’s largest automaker.